Ash (ashwolf) wrote,

Viva La MicroWava!

This guy sent out a mass mail to all his friends a couple of weeks ago, a "friendly reminder" of how Johns Hopkins has discovered that either freezing or microwaving food in plastic containers releases harmful dioxin chemicals, which cause cancer, and otherwise poison the cells of our bodies.

So like everyone else, I snoped his ass:

He responded with this link.

Blah blah, Russians have outlawed microwave ovens... creates d-nitrosodiethanolamine... alpha and beta particle saturation in the food... loss of "bioavailability" and "vital energy field content"... ah, here we go.
Potential Use In Mind Control

Their residual magnetism effect can render the psychoneural-receptor components of the brain more subject to influence by artificially induced, microwave-radio-frequency fields from transmission stations and TV relay networks.

Soviet neuropsychologists at Uralyera and Novosibirsk have theorised the possibility of psychotelemetric influence (i.e., affecting human behaviour by transmitting radio signals at controlled frequencies), causing subjects to comply - involuntarily and subliminally - with commands received through microwave transmissions acting upon their psychological energy fields.
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