Ash (ashwolf) wrote,

you'll never guess where I got this link
Although Winkler was charged with first-degree murder after she confessed to shooting her 31-year-old husband and leaving town with their daughters, jurors convicted her of the lesser charge following testimony of the abuse she claimed to have suffered under her husband, who she said demanded sex she considered unnatural. Winkler was sentenced June 8 to three years in prison but had to serve only 67 days because of credit for time in jail before her trial, the nature of the offense and lack of a criminal record.
The "unnatural sex" part sounded curious, so I did some more reading.
Jurors were shown a pair of tall, platform shoes and a black wig Winkler said she was pressured to wear during sex.
She spent 67 days in jail. She blew the guy away with a shotgun!
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